Night Vapor 376mm BNF 薄膜機 慢飛

  • NT2,600 NT3,600
  • 稅前: NT2,600
  • 庫存狀態:有現貨
  • 品 牌: Eflite
  • 型 號: PKZU1180

遙控器需另購,建議搭配Spektrum 系列遙控器

Approximate Assembly Time:No assembly required

Flying Weight:0.6 oz (16.4g)

Recommended Fuel:Electric

Size/Scale:Ultra Micro

Wingspan:14.8 in (376mm)

  • Pre-installed multi-colored LED lights allow for fun night flying
  • Modular design that makes replacement of broken parts quicker and easier
  • Removable landing gear
  • Spektrum™ DSM2® radio technology eliminates interference so you can fly multiple planes at the same time
  • Elevator, rudder and throttle provide true 3-channel flight and maneuverability
  • Everything except the transmitter is included


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